You Can Work with an Amateur or an Expert, It Costs the Same

There was a time when there was one phone company, no internet or data services and no threats of being compromised by hackers trying to steal not only your information, but the identities of your customers and others you communicate with. That has changed radically; protecting vital information has become an industry in itself and the threats are becoming more serious every day. Businesses now have a responsibility to take every precaution to protect the information their clients trust them with and that is no job for an amateur. At OTA we know how to protect the information being transmitted over our circuits and phones and we make that a top priority.

Technology in the telecommunications field is increasing and evolving and an ever-increasing rate. Services that were once considered a utility, like water or electricity, have now become incredibly complicated and specialized and we are experts in making technology work for our client’s bottom line and protection.

Our extensive experience and education in the telecommunications industry assures our clients that they have support from a highly qualified team. Our associates are constantly attending classes and seminars to ensure that we are competent in the latest technologies and products.

It doesn’t have to cost extra to benefit from our expertise, it is included with every service, every product we sell at no additional cost.

We are telecom experts, so you don’t have to be one. We work for our clients, but are paid by the carriers. This does not increase the cost of services, since all telecom services include a commission, whether it is paid out or not.

OTA has been in business in business since 1999, so we have grown up with the modern telecom industry. Our associates still spend a great deal of time learning about new technologies and providers in order to ensure that we are up to date on what is happening in the telecom industry. We also attend many industry functions every year so we know the people at the carriers and also others in our position to share information about the industry.

These efforts ensure that we know our industry very well,  which is invaluable in assisting our clients in deciding on a carrier and dealing with the recommended carrier after the sale. Like many industries, telecom is a small world and we see many people change jobs within the industry and we have long-standing relationships that allow us to have information on our vendors that can prevent making a mistake in choosing a carrier, or finding one that is excellent.

We also follow telecom industry publications to learn about rulings from various public service commissions and court cases to learn how better to serve our clients. All of these factors add up to one thing; making sure we are experts not only in telecom technology, but in the products, services, and providers we work with. This is something you only get by working with telecom experts, in every sense of the word.

In this case, you can work with an amateur or an expert, it costs the same.