Photo showing use of Artificial Intelligence in Phone Systems with text reading "Using AI in Phone Systems".

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, can be used in several ways with telecommunication. The more basic uses are in analytics, examining call performance and quality of call center agents. You can set parameters for performance that can evaluate agent performance in real-time and collective data analysis.

Agent Performance Monitoring

A call center manager can be alerted when a call is going off script or when the prospect is giving either cues that they are ready to buy or that they are going the other way.

Real-Time Coaching

A manager can “whisper in the ear” of the agent, meaning talk to their agent without the prospect hearing what they say, and coach the agent to either close the deal or switch tactics while they are on the call.This is just one of the many uses of AI in telecom, but one of the most effective in successful campaigns.

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