Guy Holding a Cell Phone with Text saying, "Stay In Touch with Customers".

Businesses miss calls when they are busy – and calls turn into voicemails, which are often ignored…

Did you know that only 18% of Americans listen to voicemails, with only 24% answering calls from an unknown number? The same goes for emails, as most emails get lost in the storm of message filtering and junk mail folders. So, how are businesses getting important messages these days?

As someone with a mobile phone, you know better than anyone – because you use that mobile phone many times a day. Even a quick glance at your mobile phone, as the screen lights up, tells you a lot. You are much like every other American who checks their cell phone an average of 150 times a day. This is because people always have their mobile phones, which is the most convenient way to view and reply to messages.

Spam filters, unanswered calls, and ignored voicemails significantly impede human-to-human interactions and rob you of your ability to increase business. The HostMyCalls Business-Grade SMS System is designed to open the gates to the most effective communication channel. Our SMS users build stronger connections and long-lasting business by engaging in uninhibited dialogue with clients and potential customers.

To learn more about our SMS platform, visit where you can engage with real humans using our SMS chat initiation widget in the lower right corner of our web page. You can also request sales contact by texting ‘learnsms’ to (678) 916-1952.

Communication is Key! It’s time for your business to stop surviving and start thriving! Reach out to OTA with any questions today!

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