Data Services

OTA can help protect your data and make your data move more efficiently in several ways…

Secure Data Circuits

Businesses often work with partners or their own locations to share, store and utilize critical and confidential data. It is obviously important that each party to these transactions use the best security software, hardware, and practices. However, all of these precautions are only as secure as the circuits that pass the data between destinations.  OTA can provide technologies such as MPLS, off-net circuits, SDWAN and dry loop connections that do not use the public internet and are not susceptible to hacking as well as encryption that makes the data useless to hackers.

Cloud-based Alternatives

By moving critical services to the cloud, these services and their data are unreachable at the client’s locations as well as that of their partners. OTA can supply cloud-based services and storage in secure data centers that have the ultimate in up to date and robust security that would be cost prohibitive for the customer to provide on premises.  In the event onsite computers are corrupted by malware, our disaster recovery solutions can restore service back to before the breach with a minimal amount of downtime or lost data.

Telecom Experts

Online Technology works with each business to design the RIGHT-FIT SOLUTION for that business. You won’t pay for services, equipment and features you don’t need, but you will get all the functionality you do need at the best price. We represent all of the carriers and will provide you with carrier agnostic quotes—we represent your business, not the carrier.