Voice Services

OTA works with all of the carriers with the latest technology and equipment.

Hosted Phone Service

Hosted, or cloud-based phone service, is the 21st century way business stay up to date with the latest technology without the investment in equipment that was once required. Technology is advancing at an ever increasingly rapid rate, so in order to stay current, modern businesses turn to cloud-based communications. These systems are also known by the term UCAAS (Unified communications as a service) which means using the cloud to mesh voice traffic, emails, text, chat, instant messaging and mobile devices to facilitate communications of every type so a company never misses or delays response to an opportunity or a critical message. Since these habits are changing as fast as technology, modern businesses must be ready and able to communicate the way their customers, prospects, and employees want to communicate with them. Cloud-based services allow you to stay in touch with the people that keep you in business.

Premises-Based Communications

Many companies have needs that dictate they have a premises-based communication system for any of a number of reasons. Businesses that have a large number of users that do not need the latest features, but do need the basics, can often save money by leasing, renting or buying equipment. OTA has solutions for these situations as well. Many of the newer hybrid onsite systems link together through the cloud to get the best of both worlds between cloud and premises-based systems. Newer onsite systems are able to better integrate with onsite equipment, alarms and other devices such as remote access and premises security while still providing some of the cloud-based features. OTA is happy to show our clients and prospects both types and objectively present the advantages of each. This is service you would never get with a dedicated agent working for a provider or equipment company.


Reap the cost and feature benefits of hosted voice over internet protocol service. Connect with your branch offices around the corner or around the world with the same ease and features as if they were in the same building. VoIP can be delivered in a number of ways, let us help choose the right fit solution for you!