Carrier Diverse Solutions

We are often asked, “Wouldn’t it be better to have one provider for all of our services?”  The answer is that in many cases it is not, especially when guaranteed uptime and maximum reliability are crucial. In these cases, we have a primary voice and/or data circuit and backup circuit from another carrier. That way, if the primary carrier has an outage or a problem, the service would fall over to the other carrier, which is unlikely to have a problem at the same time.

This is a feature no direct carrier can offer you, as they can only sell their carrier’s service.

Connectivity Options

Cable– all providers 

  • Traditional coax cable internet
  • HFC – Hybrid Fiber coax
  • EFM Ethernet first mile
  • Voice over cable


  • Broadband asynchronous
  • Broadband Synchronous
  • Dedicated Synchronous
  • Point to Point
  • Direct Internet access or centralized access
  • Private line- no internet access

Ethernet Over Copper 3M-20M

Fixed Wireless – 10M to 10G

4G and 5G Wireless Data Circuits

Managed Services

  • MPLS networks
  • Over the top MPLS
  • Managed failover and backup
  • QOS over the top and organic
  • Managed COS

Multiple Location Networks

You Do Have A Choice

• Every business address in the USA qualifies for service with multiple carriers.

• Fiber and other dedicated services are cheaper and more available than ever.

• You can work with someone who represents you rather than the carrier.