Our mission is simple – Customer first, no exceptions.

OTA is an independent telecom agency; this means we represent our clients to any and all of the telecom providers.

Our business model is similar to that of an independent insurance agent, we work for the client, but are paid by the carriers. Our only agenda is finding and supporting the right fit solution for our clients without regard for any sales quotas or contracts with providers. There are hundreds of providers in our industry and we can work with any of them.

The differences between working with us VS a direct sales agent are:

  • We are carrier agnostic, we are not committed to selling one carrier over any other. The direct representation of any carrier is only allowed to sell their employer’s services, whether or not that is the best choice for the customer
  • We represent the client, not the carrier. The direct rep is duty bound to do what is best for their employer. Conversely, our duty is to do what is best for the client. This is a significant difference in the products and pricing the client winds up with.
  • Representing the customer extends to our support as well as the sales process. When conflicts occur, we are naturally on the customer’s side, unlike the direct sales or support agent.
  • With OTA, the people that sell the products, have to support them as well.  When you deal with a direct rep, once the contract is signed, you are directed to an 800 number staffed by people who do not know what you were told before the sale, only what the contract says. This often fosters an adversarial relationship between the customer and the carrier. OTA clients never have this problem, we represent our clients, not the carrier.

Why us?

The Know-How

We bring the knowledge and experience of decades of telecom experience to work representing you as your trusted advisor. Best of all, our research, experience and hard work cost you nothing.

Competitive Pricing

Once we have determined what new services, if any, they need, we shop all available carriers and make our recommendation.

Customer Support

For the duration of the services we provide, we are always available to consult with the customer, answer any questions and monitor their services, all at no charge.

20 Years In Business

OTA has been providing high-quality business communications products and services since 1999.

Independent Agents

We are independent agents, this means that we are not employed by any of the carriers or cloud providers, we work for our customers.

Contract Monitoring

We also monitor their contracts and re-shop their services as they near expiration to make sure their services and pricing is up to date.

How can we not charge for our service?

We don’t work for free, nobody can stay in business without revenue. We are paid by the carriers and providers of services that we bring to our clients. The provider or carrier bills the customer at their most competitive rates and the carriers pay us a commission, just like an independent insurance agent. Fact is that all telecom prices include a sales commission, sometimes they are paid to the in-house sales department and some are paid to agents like us. Either way, the commission is not added onto the prices, it is, however, always included.