Our Process

  1. We approach each new customer with a blank sheet of paper. Before we give any advice or pricing, we ask a lot of questions to make sure our recommendations are a good fit for the customer’s needs. We begin with –
    • Review existing carrier contracts and invoices for errors and to make sure they are still the best fit for your needs
    • Manage carrier relationships insulating you from their endless loops and transfers…we speak their language.
    • Source new circuits and hosted services as needed
  2. Once we have determined what new services, if any, they need, we shop all available carriers and make our recommendation based on:
    • Right fit for the customer
    • Best deal – not always the cheapest price
    • The best provider for the service in the customer’s location
    • We make sure the recommendation is compatible with the customer’s preferences 
  3. Once the customer has approved the proposal, we project manage installation and integration into customer’s facilities. We work with the customer’s IT department or outside vendor as well as their other in-house or outsourced support teams such as copier vendors, managed services providers, electronic medical records companies, merchant services processors, etc.
  4. For the duration of the services we provide, we are always available to consult with the customer, answer any questions and monitor their services, all at no charge.
  5. We also monitor customer contracts and re-shop their services as they near expiration to make sure those services and pricing are up to date.

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