Customer Support

Customer support is our specialty. We handle all issues related to the services we sell at no additional cost to the customer. However, there are a lot of issues we can resolve without even contacting them. When the carrier does need to be contacted, we do that on behalf of the customer, so they never have to talk to the carrier.

We can assist with the following:

Billing issues- We are able to decipher the complicated and ambiguous bills that often go on for many pages and explain the charges to the customer and challenge charges that are not appropriate

Challenging Carrier charges- Telecom bills are full of acronyms, unexplained fees, taxes, and miscellaneous charges. We are able to explain the bill in clear terms and challenge any charges that are not appropriate. In extreme cases, we will represent the customer in a Public Service Commission complaint to get the carrier to do the right thing.

Feature management- When new employees are added or when existing employees have an issue, we are happy to work with them to set up voice mails and manage their system.

Trouble Tickets- We have access into the back office at most carriers so we can open our own tickets when needed,

Moves, adds and changes- These issues do require contacting the carrier, but we do this on behalf of the customer. Moves especially can be confusing, time-consuming and they have to go well. We have extensive experience with customers moving to a new location and we handle this for them to make them go as well as possible.

Disconnects- This is another area where mistakes can be very costly. Each carrier has a set protocol for notifying them of a disconnect request and if done improperly, a customer can actually incur substantial charges through improper notification. We know the rules and help make sure this doesn’t happen.

My carrier called and asked me to approve or sign something- This happens all the time and sometimes it is innocent and proper and other times it is a deceitful way of getting a customer to renew or purchase additional services. we ask that all such calls to our customers be referred to us to make sure the request is legitimate. We have seen unrepresented customers accidentally commit to renewal without realizing what they have done. We can prevent this.