Contract Monitoring

All business-grade telecom services are subject to contracts. This is because the carrier makes a significant investment in setting up the service. Unfortunately, these contracts are full of fine print, disclaimers, and clauses that could be considered boilerplate and predatory. They often refer to terms and conditions on the carrier’s website which can be changed without notice. Contracts are a fact of life in the telecom industry, so customers have to sign them, but they do not have the time to keep up with the changes in terms and conditions on a website which can result in unexpected fees and accidental renewals. At OTA, we have the experience and expertise in working with carriers to make sure our clients are not subject unplanned fees or renewals.

We have seen clients suffer significant financial penalties because they did not keep up with the ever-changing rules.

OTA clients can trust us to look out for and avoid the pitfalls and better plan for their business expenses and plans. This expertise comes at no additional charge; we have saved our clients many thousands of dollars over the years just by keeping up with the rules of the carrier. Each carrier has its own and very specific set of rules for renewing or non- renewing contracts that almost always come with automatic renewals and a detailed procedure for preventing them. This is especially important when switching carriers, so when we work with a new client, we assist them with properly disconnecting their previous services to keep fees and penalties at a minimum.