Competitive Pricing

Anyone with a computer, telephone or smartphone can contact any of the hundreds of telecommunication providers for pricing. Those that attempt to find the best deal this way, often wind up confused because the products are different with each provider and misleading terms and statistics are rampant in the quoting process. Business owners really need an expert to navigate the sea of products and terms used to describe services from different carriers. At OTA, we are experts in the telecommunications field and we know which products to recommend and what a good price is.

OTA has access to several portals that list the availability and pricing for any given business address, so we can tell quickly who has the best price of the carriers that can service the given address. This way we do not waste the client’s time by quoting services that cannot be installed or those with uncompetitive pricing. Only experience telecom agents know where to look for the best products and how to get the best pricing. The published price is not always the carrier’s best price, but sometimes it is, and we know the difference.

Even IT or other technology experts, who only get quotes occasionally, cannot keep up with the ever-changing telecom market. At OTA, we get many quotes every day and the pricing does change and is often negotiable, so an experienced agent is the best way to get the best price. We also know which carriers are in trouble or about to be, and when to stay away from them. Conversely; there are carriers that most people have never heard of that provide niche products that may be ideal for a client, but they would never know to contact them.

Why doesn’t it cost more to use OTA? 

All telecom services come with a sales commission built into the price. When you order online or from an 800 number, that commission is paid to the carrier’s sales department, whose only job is to sell. When you purchase services through OTA, we receive that commission but our job just begins with the sale. We support our customers cradle to grave on all related issues so they never have to call the carrier.

You can work with someone who represents the carrier… or someone who represents you- it costs the same either way.