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With Landline Phone Service On Its Way Out, Rely On Experts To Find The Best Phone Service For Your Business

Today’s businesses require the most economical and reliable services available, and with landline phone service being rapidly replaced with “bandwidth,” the technology is ever-changing. Online Technology offers broad options for your office phone service from top tier carriers, CLEC’s and resellers. Our service options include traditional single phone lines for small business phone service or local business phone service, T-1 service for multiple lines, PRI for larger users, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and even wireless connections. Our customers benefit from expanded calling areas, robust features, and plans that include “buckets” of long distance minutes, all on one convenient bill. We will help determine the carrier that best suits your needs and recommend the best business phone service plan – one that meets your requirements at the lowest cost.

Primary Rate Interface Integrated Services Digital Network (PRI ISDN)

PRI / ISDN service utilizes up to 23 channels of a T-1’s 24 channels for inbound and outbound calling, the 24th or “D” channel is used for signaling information and call control. Incoming calls can terminate either at a switchboard operator’s console or go directly to individual extensions. PRI allows more extensions from a T-1 connection than the number of channels on the T-1.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Dynamic allocation is an ideal option for customers who want to leverage the bandwidth on a T-1 to get maximum voice and data usage from their service. They can continue to use their present PBX or “key” phone system. This type of service allows the channels in the T-1 to alternate between voice and data as needs dictate. Voice calls are always given preference over data or other traffic. Let us help you decide if this service is right for you.

VOIP  / Hosted PBX

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is phone service that is created and transmitted as data. Premise based VoIP business service is controlled by an on site IP PBX system connected by a SIP trunk or data connection. A hosted PBX service is a virtual phone system that offers a wide array of features and flexibility and can be controlled through a web portal.

Businesses with multiple locations or who need the features of a PBX system without the cost of buying one are good candidates for VoIP. The flexibility and economy are also very attractive to companies looking to improve their service, cut costs, or both.

We represent a number of carriers that provide VoIP and Hosted PBX service. Our experience enables us to determine the best type of service for our customers and the best companies to provide the service and equipment that makes the service work.

SIP Trunking 

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)  trunks or lines are IP or Internet Protocol lines that replace standard phone lines. They provide VoIP flexibility and economy for companies that need an on site PBX or phone system. SIP Convergence offers your business a combination of voice, Internet and networking services.

Voicemail to Email-Unified Messaging

Today's growing businesses are always looking for ways to save time and improve the efficiency of their operations. With Unified Messaging, employees can receive critical fax and voicemail communications directly into their confidential email inboxes.

With the Voicemail to Email solution, important voice messages are automatically forwarded to your secure email inbox in .wav format, enabling easy access, archiving and playback of messages from any location. Businesses will also enjoy:

  • Centralized Archiving - an electronic paper trail of all incoming voicemail communications can be efficiently organized in one location and will never expire.
  • Increased Employee Productivity - by enabling quick routing of important voice messages to an entire distribution list in just a few clicks.
  • Increased Access - users can easily retrieve and archive voicemails remotely.

Residential Small Office / Home office

What is it?
Cheap Talkers is VoIP phone service. The service can be used with a standard telephone and uses the customer’s internet connection to add voice service to your Internet connection.

What does it do?
Cheap Talkers service provides local and long distance phone service at very affordable rates. With the optional Grandstream router, traditional telephones can be used and they will work just like they always have, except you’ll save money on every bill.

Cheep TalkersWho needs it?
Cheap Talker service is available to anyone with an Internet connection. Individuals, small office – home office applications are perfect for this service. Anyone interested in saving money on their phone bill will want to find out  more about it.

How can I get it?
Your Online Technology associate can have you talking cheap in no time.




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