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The Online Technology Extended Network

At Online Technology, we have developed a carefully selected network of partner companies that compliment our service, have proven their high standards and developed an excellent reputation for customer service and integrity.

Telecom Equipment Providers
The best telecom service can't work well without suitable equipment that is set up and maintained properly. We have a network of equipment specialists that we know to be reliable, competent and reasonable that we can recommend when the need arises. Our policy is to only recommend vendors of any type that we know to meet the high customer service and competence standard that we hold ourselves to. 

IT Consultants

A company's IT (Information Technology) and communication needs are closely related and in most cases, intertwined. It is important to have your phone equipment provider, connections provider and IT department, personnel or outside vendor working together. We have a relationship with an extensive network of qualified professionals in the phone and IT equipment fields, as well as IT consultants that we can recommend on an as needed basis. We also have a reputation for working well with in house personnel or existing outside vendors to provide seamless coordination of communications and IT solutions.

Energy Audits

Our Energy Audit partners can analyze your energy usage and bills and then make recommendations that are likely to result in your company saving significant portions of your energy expenditures. Their fees are tied to your savings so you can't lose. Ask one of our representatives for more information.


Through DataInsure, Online Technology offers reliable, secure and affordable data protection for businesses that can't afford to lose their most valuable asset, their data. Key causes of data loss are hardware or system malfunction, human error, software corruption, computer viruses and natural disasters. DataInsure provides protection for all of these hazards and can have you back in business quickly if any of these situations occur. Ask one of our representatives for more information.

Equipment Maintenance  Programs

OTA Maintenance Can be Smarter and Change Your Mind About Traditional OEM Support
OTA's  Maintenance Program is a cost-effective and more flexible alternative to the traditional maintenance programs offered by the manufacturers. With OTA, you have the unique ability to tailor a maintenance program around your needs. You may need 24x7x365 on site support for your core infrastructure and next business day replacement of parts for your development and test environments. The OEM will increase the cost of support as equipment becomes older and therefore force customers into a new product. OTA's Maintenance Program allows you to keep existing assets longer without increasing your maintenance costs.

OTA Equipment Maintenance Program Advantages

  • 60%-90% savings on traditional manufacturer's support
  • Advanced replacement on machines and features
  • Single point of contact for Equipment, Maintenance, and/or Warranties
  • 24x7x365 Toll-free OTA hotline
  • Flexible Support Programs

OTA Maintenance is available for the following equipment manufacturers:

  • Cisco®
  • Sun Microsystems®
  • HP®
  • IBM®
  • Dell®
  • Storage Solutions
  • Telecom Equipment

Do you have questions about OTA maintenance programs?
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