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CLEAR 4G WiMAX is next generation mobile internet from  Clearwire that works as fast around town as it does at home*. Because CLEAR  covers a wide area you don't have to find a hotspot—the hotspot goes with you, anywhere CLEAR has coverage.

Online Technology Associates is now an authorized dealer for Clear Wireless. With this new service, Online Technology Associates will be able to provide service for the smallest businesses, home offices and even residential customers. Products offered by Clear include home or office internet service, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), mobile internet and business services. One of the most popular uses for Clear service is to provide redundancy for businesses that just have to have their communications up all the time. Modern telecom services are extremely reliable, but nothing is infallible and Clear is an excellent way to insure that your communications will never be down. The service can be configured to provide seamless redundancy for your voice and data communications. With an adequate battery backup, your computers and phones can provide continuous operation even during a power outage!

With Clear Mobile, your office can go with you, wherever you go. No more looking for hot spots or searching for internet access, your laptop is always connected. Our network combines the mobility you love about your cell phone with the speed you want from broadband. So you can stream movies, TV, play online games and video chat on the go, at speeds as fast as CLEAR at home. Try doing that with the internet from the cell phone companies. At Online Technology Associates, we are constantly looking for ways to make communications better, more reliable and cost efficient. We're here to help!

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