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Consulting & Tele-Management Services

Our Telecom Audit Will Make The Confusing Turn Crystal Clear

“ We’re telecom professionals – so you don’t have to be.”

Using the phone or internet is a simple act. However, because every business has different requirements – researching, selecting and implementing the best telecom service providers and equipment for your business is a time-consuming and confusing process. Add to that the time it takes to keep track of renewals and the task becomes rather daunting. We can help. We’re telecom professionals - you don’t have to become one.

Online Technologies provides expert Tele-Management services to help you through the entire process, including a telecom audit through telecommunications consulting —identifying and negotiating the right-fit services and equipment. We manage installation, provide technical support and manage renewal schedules so that you can focus on your core responsibilities.

Following is our approach:


OTA will take a detailed inventory of your current systems and listen to your needs, wants and future goals in order to recommend a right-fit solution. An experienced telecom consultant will give you a professional telecom audit, illustrating how well your present service matches the needs of your business and compares to competitive offerings. Technology and the marketplace change constantly and rapidly, so the solution that was the best fit and the best deal two or three years ago, may no longer be the best answer today. It’s a good idea to have a telecommunications consultant take a look at your situation every two years to see how your plan stacks up. In addition, we will continue to be your telecommunications consultant as long as you continue to use telecom service providers through us. Ask for one of our free assessments, there’s no obligation or cost.  

Provide Options

Choosing from almost unlimited resources and optional carriers, OTA provides the best customized upgrade plan for your business. We stay on top of not only the latest technology, but the myriad of competitive offerings available, so we can make a recommendation that gives your company the best fit for service and cost.

Place the Order

OTA will cut through the red tape, contacting the carriers for you and making the ordering process a breeze. We will be there when it’s time to “cut” or change service and for the duration of the service. We don’t disappear when the contract is signed.

Installation Management

You will reap the benefits of our expertise at this stage as we keep the project moving on time and to specifications. We will work directly with the project manager at the carrier to make sure you don’t experience any inconvenience or down time.

On-going Support

We don’t disappear once installation is complete. We’re here to ensure your services remain optimal for your needs and budget, and let you know when improved or more cost-effective solutions are available. You can rest, knowing that we’re looking out for your best interest, and you don’t have to invest the time in research and negotiations – we’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Then, we take care of the rest, including keeping up with renewal schedules.

Our expertise will lead to a clear billing process, making it easier for you to understand the voice, long distance and data services for which you pay. And when billing issues arise, we’ll handle it, getting inaccurate invoices corrected quickly.


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