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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Is VoIP Phone Service Right For Your Company? We Can Tell You.

Online Technology offers VoIP services through multiple trusted VoIP providers. At its most basic level, VoIP service involves technology that allows you to place a voice phone call over a data or Internet connection. The processes and sophistication of VoIP has grown exponentially over the years, to the point where most carriers use VoIP technology to transfer calls within their own networks. There are various types of VoIP phone service available including those that allow regular phone systems to use VoIP technology and IP PBX on site systems that connect directly to a data network using SIP trunking. The VoIP phone services we sell provide business quality internet phone service with amazing flexibility. Advantages of VoIP include a broad spectrum of features and flexibility the majority of which are not available with traditional phone service. One of the newer services available to VoIP customers is Hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX Service

Hosted VoIP technology allows a company of virtually any size to be able to enjoy the features and convenience of a full business PBX system with no capital investment. The actual PBX service takes place at the carriers' servers but the features are available as if the equipment was in the customer’s premises. The service is scalable, which means it can be expanded or contracted easily and with little cost as the customer’s business grows or adjusts to seasonal demand. Another advantage is that offices in multiple locations, even distant cities, can operate as if they were in the same office with seamless extension and transfer options. Three or four digit dialing between offices is easily accomplished and is controlled by the customer. Cell phones and other devices can be integrated into the network and are easily added, deleted and changed at a user friendly web portal. Now any size business can have “big business” features without large capital investment - and a system that is constantly updated to take advantage of new features as they become available. This is an excellent option for companies with multiple locations.

All VoIP service providers are not equal. Call us to demonstrate these features and match your organization with the right plan and providers.


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